Ocean Heart

Ocean’s pure water won’t remain that way
if it insists on visiting the shores.
It says “I’ll only touch the shore once and return”
and thinks it won’t open other doors.

But it comes back with new sand
and new seashells
that at first seem harmless and light
But they are the ones that sink down-
to the bottom and out of sight.

What comes back from the shore
is the result of the tide trying to escape
Foolish soul didn’t realize
that escape was ever too late.
The tide must bring something back
no visit goes unpaid.

This ocean never at rest
never knowing what direction to take
It can’t help the droplets that fall into it
Nor save ones that evaporate

Open Sea, open me…

An aquarium-would be lovely
With glass to limit and a plastic cover.
All in place…

Not like this open sea, open me, open heart.
Wondering helplessly in pitch dark.
How this life will turn and how it will dart…
How this life will end faster than it will start.
And if I’m not ready to live
and not ready to die,
then what exactly am I ready for?

The waves crash!
My emotions clash!
Clear me of this ocean’s trash-
bits of broken green glass-
And memories of seagulls circling above-
And fishes circling within-
O my heart where have you been?

My palm scoops a sample of water in hand
The water slips through
and I’m left with sand.
And I can’t stand
to let pure water go…

Open Sea, Open Heart,
I try to float and not sink below.


3 Responses to Ocean Heart

  1. Dania says:

    Woah i don’t even know how to comment….<3

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