What could have been

No one knows what could have been except for Him, Allah azza wa jal. Why He picked it so, only He knows. What could have been, could have been a disaster. What could have been, wasn’t. And what could have been, isn’t.
What is and what could have been are two entirely different things. But who knows what the end is, because, what could happen from here on could change everything. Who knows what could happen? No one but Him.
What could happen might change what happened. What could happen can switch what did thankfully happen to what thankfully did not happen.
Besides, who knows if what happened is better than what could have been? How do we know when we haven’t been to the end? How do we know when we still didn’t grab our books?
What could have been, what happened, and what could happen, are all happening regardless. So brighten up and decide now which hand you want to use to grab your book.
What could have been could have made you a leftie. What could happen may leave you a rightie.
But who knows what will happen from here on…
No one but Allah knows.
So leave what could have been and what could be and concentrate on the here and now.
Do what you know is right and stop thinking.
You’re too tired. Sick and tired.
The funny things is, you know the disease, you know how to treat it.
You’re a doctor in training who knows not how to treat, but how to guess, and what could happen if that treatment is given over that.
But this…this is different. Because when it comes to this, you’re a specialist. You know what could be and you know how to get there. You kid yourself when you think you don’t.

Game over. But thankfully, there’s still warmth, there’s still a life…
So change what could happen from a future disaster to the pleasure of The Master.
Because that, oh doctor, is what you need for the ultimate hereafter.

5 Responses to What could have been

  1. Noha says:

    Jazakillah kul khayr for this, alhamdulilah fi kul hal indeed 🙂

  2. hiddensouls says:

    wa iyyakom 🙂 I didn’t think it would make sense to anyone lol

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      it does make sense lol you just have to focus. you sound like a muslim-philospher 🙂 I really like it…love the advice you come out with..

  3. hiddensouls says:

    LOL… I love my 2 fans who make me feel like I wrote something that makes sense… LOL I’m re-reading it and thinking, I can’t believe I posted my non-sense in public…

  4. DaughterofPearls says:

    non-sense is art my dear.

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