Of summers and watermelons..

Why is it that we always crave watermelons at summer time? Is it the thirst? SubhanaAllah… That fruit is truly a blessing!

*crunching a cold watermelon*

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

I stole the quote from my sister’s facebook status. I’ve heard it before, but this time, it had a different meaning to me.

SubhanaAllah, Allah azza wa jal teaches us many lessons, it’s up to us to apply them and benefit from them…

Yet we always want the fish from Allah…and forget the lessons He blessed us with…

Heck, we make duaa for the fish, we think of nothing but the fish, we look at all the people with fish, we wish we had fish, and more fish, and more fish… YET what we DO NOT DO, is work for the fish.


On a different note, as I walked out of the hospital today at 9:30 p.m. wearing my jilbab, a man on a wheel chair said to me:

“Good night”

“You too”

“Are you a dental student?”


“Alright!” 🙂

You gotta love NYC randoms.

I think, if I could write my personal statement about why I want to enter dental school all over again, the primary reason would be: for da3wah purposes. That’s all. Oh, and to help the ummah. lol.

Alas, a 50% radiology midterm starts in about 12 hours from now. I shall retire to …um…not bed, but studying inshaAllah.


2 Responses to Of summers and watermelons..

  1. Sarah says:

    You are tooooooo cute mashaAllah ❤
    Loved your take on the fish… when you posted about it on FB – it reminded me of Bani Isra'eel and how they also wanted the fish but not the work involved… and look were it got them :S May Allah swt protect us.

    Da'wah.. help the Ummah… hehe may Allah swt make it a reality for you! ❤

    Ohh yes, and inshaAllah you ace that exam of yours 😛

  2. hiddensouls says:

    ameen…ameen…to all the duaas you mentioned my dearest Sarah 🙂

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