Choosing Wonder

I can be an average person.
Or as a free spirit I can soar.
I can blame it all on routine
Or I can capture the adventure in store.

I can pass these days by.
Or I can make them come alive.
Black and white can do.
Or I can use every color to revive.

I can live silently
Or my own rhythm I can create.
I can be passive and just watch.
Or I can be the fish who refuses bait.

I can be worried about running late.
Or I can be early for all the excitement.
I can study for a grade
Or I can chase knowledge and enlightenment.

I can roll out of bed in dread,
Or I can jump out with a purpose and driven.
I can wake up fuming for what is ahead,
Or I can be grateful for all that is given.

I can call my life disorganized,
Or I can call it renewal and refreshment.
I can drown in regret for my mistakes.
Or I can learn the lesson and make amendments.

I can complain about summer’s heat
Or I can appreciate the season.
I can dismiss events as ordinary
Or believe that all is for a reason.

I can seek shade from the sun,
Or I can soak up its rays’ energy.
I can see night darkness as the end,
Or reflect upon its wise serenity.

You chose.
Either your settle for a mundane life.
Or you enjoy the challenge of everyday strife.

Either you keep your head up;
Make the world your stage.
Make a difference, leave an imprint.
Make the most of all your days.

Or you can wait for something better.
And neglect what you already have.

It’s your choice, your decision.
You have been blessed with life,
But only you decide when it’s time to start living.


5 Responses to Choosing Wonder

  1. spilled(skim)milk says:

    This deserves a halal ‘badum boosh!’ at the end of it. My comment is stuck in my throat from how… wow.. It’s like a slap on the face… only I mean that in a good way – like a wake up call… and and and… I think I’m going to print this out and hang it… can I?

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      wow you commented to that fast!
      And sure, do whatever you want with it 😉
      But wait, I need to edit something

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