Of Secrets and Shadows

Some people make me wonder
About the secrets that they hide.
Confidence they radiate,
Insecurities are kept inside.

Does courage mask their fear?
Does survival instinct overcome
Any chance to show a weakness-
Any notion to succumb?

Is that really a sigh of boredom?
Or is it of despair?
One breath is so ambiguous,
A mystery of thin air.

Nobody can have it all together,
Or have it all figured out.
You can be calm on the outside,
But something inside will shout.

But why take on a personality
Larger than your reflection?
Why magnify your shadow,
And delight in that projection?

For the shadow that stretches far,
Elongated right after noon,
Is nowhere to be found,
When sun is replaced by moon.

There is always an extra layer
Of superficiality lying cover.
Can we never once be true?
May we never know each other?

The greatest blessing of all,
Is the privacy of the mind and thought.
There are surely matters not to expose,
But why display what you are not?

10 Responses to Of Secrets and Shadows

  1. spilled(skim)milk says:

    I think if you post one more poem I’m going to cry from how touching they are…

    Sorry I suck at complimenting – how do I say ‘I love your poetry and hope you’re collecting it because if you don’t send it to a publisher I will!’ ???

    I’m not even exaggerating!

    Wait I might get in trouble by the law but whatever it’s just the law.

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      lol SSM you flatter me too much!!
      this is what happens in finals- you become an artist!
      Jazakiallahu khairan for your sweet comments… and lol @ ‘whatever it’s just the law’..

  2. hiddensouls says:

    LOL… no wonder you and I are posting all of a sudden… finals… LOL

    I love your poetry… REALLY amazing mashaAllah!

  3. hiddensouls says:

    plus my sister changed my facebook password so this has become my hideout lol

  4. Noha says:

    masaha Allah, this is my favorite part:

    For the shadow that stretches far,
    Elongated right after noon,
    Is nowhere to be found,
    When sun is replaced by moon.

    May Allah bless you for using this talent to inspire others (and relieve stress ;))

  5. Ma’shaAllah. That was truly wonderful. Jazaki Allah for sharing. You’ve got talent!

  6. DaughterofPearls says:

    @ Noha and Little Auntie- JazakumALlah khair for your support… and about talents- Like I told HiddenSouls, finals MAKE you talented!

    @ Sarah- jazakiallahu khairan for sharing this!

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