Window Open

I keep the window now open,
though it brings in a cold chill.
Mosquitoes and allergens it invites,
But I leave it open still.

Because you liked it that way,
you left it open at night.
You liked breathing fresh air,
And for it you slept on the right.

You said the air was fresh,
and only was so here.
So I leave the window open,
that fresh air is now dear.

The window will stay open
for the memories to keep flowing.
I’ll keep it open like you did,
even if it starts snowing.

It’s only that fresh air,
that has kept fresh in this room.
This room is now dull, now dark..
Loneliness looms…

Your short visit flew by,
And now you go back as dutiful mother and wife.
And I- I go back…
To a room that has lost its breath of life.


3 Responses to Window Open

  1. Sadiyah says:

    Beautiful! Mashallah

  2. Shireen says:

    It is the most beautiful poem i have ever read 😥

  3. DaughterofPearls says:

    JazakumAllah khair Sadiyah and Shireen.. glad you liked it..

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