Havoc Strikes!

ATTENTION all!! You must take heed!
You ought to be extra careful indeed!

Keep televisions and radios operating for news!
Plug every electronic and occupy every fuse!

Police! Firemen! Security! Prepare!!
Alarm everyone! For they must beware!

Close down all institutions! Cancel all schools!
Anyone who wanders outdoors is a fool!

Do not drive, walk, or even step outside!
Any of these actions shall be deemed suicide!

Dare not leave the shelter of your front door!
Just imagine the wicked danger in store!

So just lock all your doors!
And neglect all your chores!

Haven’t you heard?? Don’t you know??
Amman’s received a couple flakes of snow!

((Not even a covering blanket of snow,
It barely qualifies as an oversized pillow!

And even that pillow is almost melted by rain,
But given the vacation, I cannot complain!))

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