Chuckles from Across

This is a story of a hideous man so despicable
Who has all the world’s riches and seems all-invincible.
His wealth he uses solely to show-off with and flaunt
Dares you to want it, allows his possessions to taunt.

He lures most citizens and they blindly follow.
They never realize his core is plain dark and hollow.
Some walk, some march, and some run after him.
He seems to offer every last desire and whim.

They chase after him with no intention to stop.
Maybe some jewels into their hands he will drop.
So they have their hands open waiting for the fall.
Of some of his riches, and hope for it all.

Even the rich, prestigious and well-off of the town.
Suddenly become beggars following him around.
Those who were independent at once become needy.
Those who once donated become evil and greedy.

The man’s evil laugh crackles as they chase.
He knows that none of them will win the race.
They become deaf to his laughter,
his stretching shadow they keep after.

Some warn from the sidelines, for they’ve understood.
He’s here only to mock, he’s not any good.
But the crowds gain momentum, and his laugh grows louder.
They are all so weak, and he only gets prouder.

Then at the outskirts of town, they reach a sharp ridge.
His carriage floats across, without need for a bridge.
Some come to their senses and halt in their tracks.
Others, arms outstretched, run and fall down into black.

The likes of this Dunya is the story of this man.
Still laughing and chuckling, still ridiculing his fans.
Never follow his tracks or allow your soul to be sold.
His wealth glitters much but it’s a heap of fool’s gold.


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