Humpty Dumpty


All the King’s Horses, and All the King’s Men.
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


……….”And know that if all the people gather to benefit you, they will not be able benefit you except that which Allah has preordained (for you); and if all of them gather to do haram on you, they will not be able to afflict you with anything other than that which Allah had pre-destined against you. The pens have been lifted and the ink of the pages has dried up.”

-Hadith of the Prophet (salla allahu allayhi wa salam)


3 Responses to Humpty Dumpty

  1. hiddensouls says:

    Funny how I was just thinking of this exact same thing (humpty dumpty and that hadeeth) a while ago… or maybe I’m just going through a dejavu right now… LOL not sure!

  2. Dreamlife says:

    That’s an awesome linkup…I’d never thought of that before. Just goes to show that wisdom really is the lost property of the believer. There’s wisdom even in something as seemingly trivial as a kids nursery rhyme.

    • DaughterofPearls says:

      It’s funny it just popped into my head subhanAllah. What’s werider is that HS was telling me she was also thinking of the same link recently!

      And ya, you can find wisdom in everything if you just look hard enough..

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