Lots and lots of lessons

I’m sick of failing at life’s tests. When will I learn the lessons?? There’s just so many of them! I feel like I’m cramming for them or just winging them as they come by… not good, not good.

Yesterday I learned a lesson. Shaitan got to me, and I made the same mistake again today. Today I said, today… I really learned a lesson.

Don’t take it out on the ones below you. You hated her rudeness towards you and you didn’t see yourself doing the same to others. That was just plain rude. Wake up! The prayer of the oppressed is answered!!

I needed to record this somehow, it seems I only learn when I write… I hope this is a lesson well learned now.


One Response to Lots and lots of lessons

  1. DaughterofPearls says:

    though i haven’t the slightest idea what you are talking about…i know what it feels like when you feel you aren’t learning the lessons… but sometimes you really are learning and haven’t quite left the classroom yet.. sometimes the questions seem the same but in the aftermath you realize you were learning something else..

    keep hope alive 😉
    Don’t get so frustrated- we are all going through that same thing…it’s life!!

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