Absolutely Amazing Gems!!

4 Responses to Absolutely Amazing Gems!!

  1. shiney says:

    this is so amazing masha’Allah! JZK for sharing…may Allah bless you and guide you and help you all the time! this was so beneficial to me at this point when i was so low in Iman in Ramadan…i will try to always keep you both in my du’as! when i first found out tht this blog is handled by two best friends, it was so touching as i also have two best friends who are my life!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i forgot to ask…who i this sheikh? this was just so amazing i swear…

  3. hiddensouls says:

    wa iyyakom 🙂 Ameen to your duaas and may the same be for you…
    the name of the sheikh is in the title of the video… they have a bunch of short clips for him that are absolutely amazing!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing, mashaAllah…juzakiAllahu khair.

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